• A special retractable plastic cover slides easily over the entire umbrella.

    • The unique cap at the tip can remain closed to keep the water from dripping out.

      Loosen the cap to drain the umbrella anytime you wish.

    • Opens quickly and is spring loaded for ease of use!

     Just one finger on the trigger, and you pop it open!

    • The Wonderbrella No-Drip Umbrella is made of water-resistant material.

            Get One for you or a friend for the Holidays!

             It's a Great Gift! And, a GREAT fundraiser!

One of the best inexpensive gifts you can give! Or use it as a great fundraiser for your organization!

Everyone needs an umbrella...why not have the best?

Get two, three or more, because the more you buy, the more you save! 

                  NEED ONE FOR A FRIEND OR AS A GIFT?

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